Tour of Historic St. Patrick's Church Planned for Sunday April 10

OALA is presenting a tour of the histgoric St. Patrick's Church, located at NW 19th and Portland, in Oklahoma City, at 4 PM on Sunday, April 10th.  The church was largely built by its parishioners, who worked alongside contractors to create a unique house of worship.  To test whether the congregation could work together on such a large project, they first built a 6' tall, 50' long wall.  All these decades later, the wall, together with the church, both built by parishioners, stands strong and tall.

Designed  by the architect Robert Lawton Jones, the church is made of glass panels sitting inside of a concrete shell, whose slabs were cast in place by parishioners. The slabs are decorated with angels the size of the panels, so the effect is of a chorus of angels processing around the church. There is a large space between the exterior wall and the inner glass wall, which is used for processions on feast days.

The building has received 28 architectural awards in its 54 year history.  See for more information about the design and construction of this historic structure.