Oklahoma Homeschool Choir

The Oklahoma City HomeSchool Choir was formed in 1996 to give
HomeSchooled students the opportunity to praise the Lord in song and
experience vocal music in a larger setting than is possible with
private lessons. Although the choir began with only 28 voices, today it
is composed of 85 High School voices and has become an award winning

Each year students come together, many of them to learn music for
the first time. During the course of the year they must learn to read
music from the printed page, acquire music theory skills, and prepare
several large-scale concerts. Students with special talents for vocal
or instrumental music are given opportunities to share these in
concerts and on tours. Ensembles are formed within the choir as well to
provide an opportunity for select voices to excel.

The choir prepares a varied repertoire each semester to minister to
our audiences and showcase the individual and collective talents and
fine arts accomplishments of students. Fall semesters are invested in
teaching new members to acquire music literacy and performance skills.
These are demonstrated in a worshipful and creative Christmas
Candlelight Service at the end of the semester. Spring semester
incorporates Patriotic repertoire with Sacred and other selected

A carefully planned tour to a different destination each May is a
highlight for our students. This is a time for fellowship among the
students themselves, ministry, educational experiences, competitions,
and life-changing events. Special speakers and devotions are planned
along with opportunities to know Christ and fellow students in a deeper

As the director of the Oklahoma City HomeSchool Choir, it is my
deepest desire to see homeschooled students joyfully acquire music
skills to take into adult life. It is my hope that these will become
life skills that each one will use to become a vital part of music
programs in their churches, universities and communities FOR THE GLORY